Monday, August 22, 2005

Stupid People Got No Reason to Live...

I'm waiting for Randy Newman to write a song about stupid people the way he did about short people. I say we're way overdue.

Whatever happened to common sense, folks? As Exhibit A, I offer the following:

Went to get my car washed today, and paid full freight to have the carpets shampooed, tires shined up, the whole works. Now, my car is over ten years old, so it has a few...quirks. One of them is that the passenger side window (power) in front can't be rolled down. Well, it can, it just can't then be rolled up. The thing jams and kinks and shimmies, and it takes two grown men and a small boy to get it back into place. So, to prevent said window from being rolled down by repairmen, car washers, etc., I have both of the power buttons that go to that door taped up. I'm talking bright, shiny, manly DUCT tape, mind you, slicked down, pressed, and staying in place. No way on earth anyone would be able to accidently roll down that window, no siree BOB. The only way that can be achieved is to actually rip the tape off to get to the buttons beneath it.

So what happened when I went to the car wash today, you ask?

Take a guess. Some idiot born of sibling parents ripped the tape off--on both door jambs--and rolled the $@#% window down. You tell me.

Now, I'm thinking, what were the thought processes involved here (if any)? "Duh, there's some tape on this here door jamb. Wonder why? Dunno, but I gotta roll down this here window, and them buttons is under there, so guess I'll just haveta rip it off to get to 'em. Gorsh."

What possesses a person to simply ignore the obvious signs that they are not supposed to do something and do it anyway? I can imagine this person with a driver's license.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Officer, was I supposed to stop at that stop sign back there? Gorsh."




Anonymous said...

OHGOODLORD! Did you happen to *ask* them why they did it? (And, did they get the window back up?) Quelle doofus!

TJ Bennett said...

I thought about asking, but I figured there was no point to it. I did give him the "What were you thinking?" look. He gave me the "deer trapped in the headlights" look. I made him fix it. Also, when they took the child seats out, apparently they set them down in a red ant hill. Then they put the seats in the trunk. The ants had swarmed over the seats in search of the remnants of Skittles and assorted goodies ground under them. Good thing I checked before I put the seats back inside the car, huh?

On a positive note, the kids' chairs are cleaner than they've ever been. It's amazing what a mom can do with a vacuum cleaner, a putty knife, and a jar of 409.


Anonymous said...

Sheeesh!! Unbelievable! (I didn't see your response till just now.) Yer kids would have been all eaten up!

Maybe you don't go to that exact place anymore....

TJ Bennett said...

Yeah, that was my thought, too. :)

Anonymous said...

My question is: Why was it necessary to roll the window down in the first place? You can't clean them if they are down.