Sunday, November 17, 2013

$20 gift certificate winner of my blog followers contest!

And the winner of my blog followers contest is...kp_kazamei! You have won a $20 gift certificate to either or Barnes and Noble, your choice.

If that is you, I've sent an email to you through Google Friend Connect. Look for it and be sure to respond to receive your prize.

If I don't hear from you by Friday, November 22, 2013, I will pick another winner, so don't delay!

Congratulations kp_kazamei!


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Montgomery County Book Festival Fundraiser Nov 16, 2013

Just wanted to let everyone know I will be a panelist at the Nov 16 fundraising event for the Montgomery County Book Festival Featureing C.C. Hunter, Miranda James, and Lori Wilde. Details can be found here or see below.

If you've ever wanted to be published, these are good people to take advice from. In addition to the keynote speakers, there will be a panel on Self-Publishing, and one on Editors & Authors of the Small Press Industry (that's the one I am on).

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Who's your MBTI Star Wars character?

If you are a fan of Star Wars or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which I happen to be of both, you will get a kick out of this chart. I teach MBTI characterization for writers from time to time, so this really made me smile. The only one I would argue with is Jar Jar Binks being an ESFJ. ESFJs are loved by all. Jar Jar Binks is...not so much.

ESFJs are also known as "The Perfect Host." Any suggestions out there of which character that could be OTHER than Jar Jar? It's been a while since I've seen the flicks (and I boycotted seeing the last three more than once--I try to pretend they never happened), so I'm drawing a blank.

I'm an ISTJ by the way. I had to ask my husband, who sent me this, "Who the heck is Owen Lars?" He was Luke's uncle who wound up as a crispy critter in the first half hour of the original film. Sigghhh. Figures.

Which Star Wars MBTI type are you?

Click on the image and then click again to enlarge it so you can read the chart, or visit, who created the chart. Great job!

STAR WARS to MBTI (courtesy of

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Stalk me! And two giveaways left...

I just wanted to remind you, that as a reward to the followers of my blog here at IMHO, at the end of my book tour I'm giving away another $20 gift certificate for or Barnes and Noble exclusively for followers of IMHO. If you'd like to be a part of my posse, please sign up on my followers link to the bottom right of this column for a chance to win.

Remember also that I'm still on my Dark Angel book blog tour. Today I'm being interviewed at Books n Kisses, so be sure to stop in and find out who the one author is I'd like to meet. Tomorrow, I will be interviewed at Becky on Books.

Oh, and remember to sign up for the giveaway (hosted by rafflecopter) featured at some of the blog stops because at the end of the book blog tour I'm giving away a unique cameo necklace and a $20 gift certificate for either or Barnes and Noble, your choice. The only way to win it is through completing the rafflecopter entries at each of the stops that features it. Check my previous posts if you'd like to go back and enter at other stops on the tour.

Here's a picture of the necklace being given away for the book blog tour:

I already gave away a $20 gift certificate and cameo necklace to my winner in the Entangled Halloween Hop on October 31. Why am I giving away a cameo necklace? Because a cameo necklace is a cherished possession of my heroine, Catherine Briton--and the only thing she brings with her to the Dark Island of Ynys Nos when she is washed ashore after a violent shipwreck.

Here are the remaining dates for the rest of the tour:

11/5:  Interview - Books n Kisses -
11/6:  Interview - Becky on Books
11/6:  2nd stop - Spotlight - 
11/7:  Spotlight - Le Book  Squirrel -
11/8:  Interview - You Gotta Read Reviews

Be there!
~TJ Bennett