Saturday, August 27, 2005

Killer Tree Roach Adventures Continue

Okay, so this blog is probably more about tree roaches than I'd hoped, but I met another one today. As I described earlier, a tree roach is distinguished from your common cockroach by its absolute bigiosity. Plus, they can fly. Hey, never a good combo. These things, I kid you not, are the scariest bugs I have ever seen. Unbelievably big, armor plating, antennae at least a couple of inches long, and a really stealthy, creepy way of hiding in places where you least expect to find them.

So today, I was chatting with my sis on the phone long distance, and figuring I'd kill two birds with one hand wipe, I was also cleaning off the countertop in my bathroom. I have a little fan that I keep on top of the counter, and I was just about to pick it up to clean beneath it, when what do I spy but two enormous antennae scenting the air inches from where my fingers are about to rest!

I screamed like a horror movie victim. My sister, still on the phone, was convinced that one of the children had been killed. I'm babbling for the kids to go get Daddy, who had just arrived home, because there was no freaking way I'm lifting that fan and going after that roach. If DH hadn't been home, the bathroom would have been put into lockdown, and that roach would have stayed there until he got back.

Now, I have to say something about my DH here. This man has braved more bug and snake kills without complaint in the past six weeks than you could imagine. He's killed wasps, and copperheads, spiders the size of your fist, and he even has a special Styrofoam cup dedicated to slamming on top of bugs in order to stop them in their tracks while he figures out how to kill them. I am a strong, independent woman, but when faced with the prospect of having to kill a bug that could move my furniture, we go into "You Tarzan, Me Waiting Over in the Corner 'Til You've Killed that Damn Bug!" mode. Thank God for him, that's all I say. It's nice having a man around the house, particularly one who isn't afraid to take the antennae by the horns. Or something like that.

So, the saga continues. He got that one with his trusty cup, and he only shuddered once. But since the last two live ones were in our bedroom, I don't think I'm going to sleep too well tonight.




Trish Milburn said...

Eek! This reminds me of the time I screamed bloody murder when I saw a mouse run through the kitchen. DH thought someone had broken into the house and was about to kill me. Needless to say, he had to set the trap and catch the little rodent.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm suggesting that you investigate the bedroom and bathroom, particularly around the baseboards and windows. You have a great place (beautiful, actually), but maybe there is a teeny-tiny hole/slit somewhere that they are getting through?

"Shudder, shudder"

If you slept there last night, then you are a much braver woman than I!

TJ Bennett said... are good for something, aren't they?? :)

TSJ...I swear, no holes...however, they do fly, and I'm figuring it came through the air vent when I was in there taking my shower. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

my DH is pretty good at the seek and destroy missions as well. of course it helps that we have the bug zapper (hand vac with attitude). with the roaches tho I don't think it matters how diligent you are they have a way of sneaking in anyway.

TJ Bennett said...

Ah-ha! That cinches it. Hi, sister-in-law (smj). You're the only one I know with a bug zapping hand vac. BTW, I'm thinking that if your DH (my brother) is looking to buy me a Christmas present this year, that would be the way to go...hint hint.


Cara King said...

Ooh, that bug zapper sounds brilliant! I admit, I never love my husband so truly as when he kills bugs for me. I hate when he goes off to another country for a week or two and then I find something and have to kill it myself -- I don't know why, but bugs have always terrified me! At least, the bigs ones.

And screaming? Yep. Last time my husband actually asked me not to scream like that, because he'd thought I'd hurt myself or something. I kindly explained to him that I hadn't chosen to scream like that -- it just happened. (Yeah, screaming's like that.) :-)


Anonymous said...

Before we got the bug zapper my DH was a little more humane. He held to the catch-and-release method. He said he didn't want to make a mess on the walls. I could never see the point in this as they would just go out and make more. The zapper is great on 2 levels - 1. It eliminates a potential father or mother, and 2. no mess, yeah!

Anonymous said...