Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dead snakes do bite

Here is something that I recently learned. A dead snake can still bite for up to an hour after you kill it. My DH is reading up about snakes, since we've discovered two poisonous baby copperheads on our property recently. Along with the West Nile virus mosquitos big enough to drag you off into the next county, and the 100+ degree temperatures and constant downpours, I'm beginning to suspect I live in the tropics.

I'm new to my area, having just moved from a townhouse in L.A. My third day in the house found me stomping maggots in my garage after my washing machine flooded it due to the negligence of a handy man. I tell you what, we didn't have anything like this in L.A. Takes some getting used to. But as my husband keeps reminding me, we "own our house." And that's worth something. In L.A., we paid rent to the "man" like everyone else who didn't buy in the seventies or worked in computers, aerospace, or the film industry. Or the illegal drug trade.

Sometimes I wonder if it is really fun being a grown up. I really do.


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