Friday, August 26, 2005

Good doggie....

I received the new Sharper Image catalog today. Well, actually, it was sent to "or current resident," but whatever, it's mine now.

I had to share about this one item on sale that is definitely targeted for people who have more money than common sense. I'll put the link to the on-line catalog here, though as technologically clueless as I am, I have no idea whether it will show up or not. We'll both be surprised.

This product, called Treat & Train (TM), is touted to be the "fun, easy and effective way to train your dog--rewarding good behavior instantly by remote control!" It's on sale, too, for $99.95.

Now, I'm curious. I'm thinking maybe it plugs into the couch and when the dog resists the urge to jump on it, the handy little food tray the fluffy puppy is staring at in the picture dispenses a treat. That makes sense. But, that's not how it works. It's a magic bowl that the owner fills with treats, and then there is a little remote that master/mistress pushes when he/she wants to reward the dog.

So, from the description of the product, you actually have to be standing there, watching Rover do (or not do) the expected behavior, before he can be rewarded with a treat dispensed from the magic bowl. Remotely. With you standing there. By the bowl. With the dog. Watching him.

Anybody else see a logic problem here? What's wrong with just walking over to the doggy biscuit box, sticking your hand in, and tossing Fido a treat with your very own digits? And saving a hundred bucks in the process? As my military friends would say, "Low tech beats high tech any day."

I'm just asking.



Trish Milburn said...

It's amazing the doo-dads they come up with in catalogs -- and that people must actually buy them.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha!! oh geeeez, what will they think of next!>??@!?@$#