Saturday, March 31, 2012

Get The Legacy FREE in e-book format from 4/1-4/15

[Updated 4/3/2012] Got an e-reader? Want to try a free read of my historical romance, The Legacy? Well, this is your lucky day!

Get The Legacy FREE in e-book format from 4/1-4/15. The book will be available at the following locations (sorry, not currently available as an e-book on Kindle):

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Monday, March 05, 2012

What I've been up to...

The nonfiction inspirational memoir about transformational change that I was asked to co-author will soon be available for purchase. Here is a press release by my friends/clients whose story this is. I hope you will take a moment to check out their website and support the book.

Take care,

At the End of the Day
Contact: Laura Senior Garcia

Press Release

At the End of the Day: How One Man Learned to Live Like He Was Dying

Lewis Senior & Laura Senior Garcia announce today the immediate availability of the highly anticipated website to pre-launch their book.

Houston, TX, March 05, 2012: After two years in the making, Lewis Senior and Laura Senior Garcia announce the immediate availability of their website – – as a pre-launch to the official publication of At the End of the Day on June 8th, 2012. At the End of the Day is an inspirational memoir about transformational change. The book was a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association's non-fiction/memoir category.

This website marks a very special milestone in the lives of Laura & Lewis:

"I am so pleased that we have reached a point where we are ready to share our story. I hope that At the End of the Day gives people an opportunity to have a candid look at themselves and consider their choices in life. A few years ago I finished off laying on the floor thinking it was all over before I made my choice - I don't want others to get to that point." – Lewis Senior.

"To think everyone who reads At the End of the Day will be a part of the journey is tremendously exciting. I wish that children, teenagers and adults alike enjoy the At the End of the Day experience and feel a little more comfortable in their own skin through reading this book." – Laura Senior Garcia.

Please visit the website – – to subscribe to the official launch of the book. The website contains various media for your enjoyment including a video interview between Laura & Lewis describing a moving portrait of a father coming of age and a daughter coming into her own.

Also included are sample chapters for your media device which have been formatted for iBook, Kindle, Nook & PC/Mac.

Benefit from being part of the At the End of the Day experience. Please do not hesitate to forward this information to family and friends. They too will be positively impacted by the experience.

Thank you for your continuous support in this wonderful project. We will be in touch via email, Facebook & Twitter over the coming weeks prior to launch.

Subscribe to Launch: