Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why, hello there!

Oh, my gosh, I can't believe how long it has been since I blogged. Not that I haven't mentally blogged, mind you, but getting it on paper has been...problematic. I know you don't visit often, and when you do, you rarely comment. So, it's hard to be motivated without feedback. I'm a writer, yes, but it's like opening an artery for me, and opening these tiny little veins to blog seems to hurt just as much. Yes, I'm not a natural blogger, I admit it. But just so you know, these are the things I've thought about blogging on over the past few weeks:

--Phone walkers: people who walk and talk on their cell phones in public, and who seem to think they have a "cone of silence" over their heads when they do (ref: Get Smart). I've overheard a co-worker phoning his lawyer about his recent DWI, another lawyer giving advice to a woman arrested for prostitution, and a woman threatening an unseen man that "watch it, I just might be recording this conversation."

--The "sex" talk: had the talk with my sons the other day. They brought it up first. It was the moment I've been dreading. While I was anything but ready, I think I was prepared and did okay. There was a minimum amount of blushing, hiding faces, and "ewwwws"--and the kids didn't do so badly either.

--The Office: I finally have my own office. Not just an office "space" (crammed into a corner of the bedroom), but an office. My hubby (blessed, wonderful man that he is) gave up his space for me, and now I have a door. Not that the kids, the dog, or anybody else respects it, but it is there and it is the principle of the thing. And I have more space to put my stuff!

So, if you want to hear any more details about any of this, just ask. I'll tell.

For now, see ya!