Friday, August 19, 2005

With wings, or without?

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be working right now, but I just had another one of "those" thoughts that I thought I'd pop down here.

I sent my DH out to buy a, ahem, feminine product the other day (yes, he's the kind of guy that will do that for his woman. God, I love that.) I was writing down the description--hey, I get confused in the feminine product aisle, I can imagine how he must feel--and I told him I wanted the ones "with wings." He smirked and made a sort of flapping movement with his hands, then off he went.

I got to thinking...(gentlemen, if you're reading along, you may wish to look away for a moment during this intense discussion of female secrets) what kind of woman prefers wings vs. without? Is there some sort of general characteristic that we can observe in winged women? Are they trendsetting go-getters, so active and mobile during the day that their underpants shift about wildly, and they need sticky tabs to hold everything together? Or are they simply the kind of women who don't have the required two inch space between their thighs to keep things from bunching awkwardly and causing general discomfort? You know, the non size-four chicks?

I'd like to think we're that first thing. Yeah. That's me, trendsetting go-getter that I am. Snark snark. What do you mean, how much do I weigh?


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