Tuesday, May 29, 2012

June 8 Book Launch for AT THE END OF THE DAY

Just wanted to share the press release for the launch of the memoir I helped co-author last year. The launch date is coming soon and I'm way excited about it. The authors Lewis Senior and Laura Senior Garcia, whose story it is based on, are hosting an elegant party for the launch. Here are a few details about the book below:

Press Release
At the End of the Day: How One Man Learned to Live Like He Was Dying


Houston, TX, May 28, 2012: “At the end of the day” is a phrase we have all heard over and over again, the emphasis being that whatever happens at that point is what is most important. Sometimes, there are moments in people’s lives that intervene to force them to stop, think and change how they are living to reprioritize what really matters.

Such was the case with oil and gas leader Lewis Senior ten short years ago when he had a near-death experience while traveling for work, inspiring a new career for him and eventually the moving book he and his daughter Laura Senior Garcia have written and are debuting in Houston this June.

Both Lewis and Laura are excited to host this book launch celebration with over 150 of their friends and supporters in Houston, including students and members of the Southwest Schools who participated in the design of the book’s cover art. The Southwest students had a competition to draw it. The official At the End of the Day cover art will be unveiled on the night.

"We wanted to launch the book in Houston because it is our second home and we have really enjoyed developing our relationships with the students at Southwest School. Houston’s generosity paired with the oil and gas industry’s obvious presence has allowed us to build an unbelievable network here. We are excited for the book to launch so we can share it with our friends and future readers throughout the world,” says Lewis.

Please visit the website – http://www.readourbooktoday.com/ – to subscribe to the official launch of the book within the Amazon & Apple eBook stores. Lewis and Laura have coordinated with these global companies to carry At the End of the Day in e-book form in hopes of reaching a broader audience and changing even more lives worldwide.

Benefit from being part of the At the End of the Day experience. Please do not hesitate to forward this info to family and friends. They, too, will be positively impacted by the experience.

Thank you for your continuous support in this wonderful project.

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