Friday, August 19, 2005

Win a prize!

Okay, so like, I've noticed from other blogs that running a contest is "the" thing to do. I'm financially challenged, but I do have all these neat books on my shelf, so I've decided to run a contest whereby I will post a series of questions throughout the month, and the person who answers the most correctly can win their choice of one of the following books:

Christina Dodd's Scandalous Again (Romance)
Susan Kearney's The Challange (Paranormal Romance)
J.M. Coetzee's Elizabeth Costello (Literary Fiction--hardback)
Frank Peretti's The Visitation (Christian Suspense Fiction--hardback)
Jill Marie Landis' Lover's Lane (Contemporary Romance--hardback)

Hey, that's a pretty good mix, I think. Something for everyone, almost.

So here are your first questions. If you want a clue as to where some of these questions come from, visit my profile. Most will be from my "favorites" sections. I'll keep score, and by the end of the month, the two visitors to this blog who answer the most questions correctly will receive the book of their choice.

Interested? Okay, here's your first question (and no, Dear Hubby, you can't play)...

Q1: "What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

Q2: What is the correct response to this comment: "Well, I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition."

Q3: According to Jenny Cruisie, the Romance Writers of America is:
a. Anti-woman
b. racist
c. politically right-winged
d. all of the above

Q4: How big was the tree roach that attacked TJB's toe (hint: answer posted in one of her blogs)?

Q5: Which one of these men is not a member of the Four Tops?
a. Levi Stubbs
b. Lawrence Payton
c. Russell Thompkins

Q6: Rick, Victor, Sam and Ilsa. Name the movie.

Check back to this post later. I'll be adding more questions as I think of them. When posting your response, you can refer to the question number.



Anonymous said...

Q1: I...I don't know, wahhh! (ok, I really can't remember the answer, so I just put in one of the responses to the question from the movie... :-D)
Q2: hmmmmm
Q3: d. all of the above
Q4: The size of your thumb
Q5: c. Russell Thompkins
Q6: Casablanca

TJ Bennett said...

I'm posting my friend Rae's slightly edited answers below, just to stay fair (she sent them privately).

<1. What the hell is an unladen swallow? A bird that has never had sex?

2. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

3. c...just a guess

4. Big as your thumb.

5. As me about the Four Bottoms. I don't know the answers to that either!

6. Casablanca.


TJ Bennett said...

BTW, a tree roach is distinguished from your common house cockroach by its absolute bigiosity. And rumor has it that it can fly short distances as well. Although I've never hung around one long enough to find out!