Friday, September 23, 2005

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Well, now that we are safe here in a hotel in the Midlands, we're discovering that the waiting is the hardest part. We have been checking the news to see where Rita might make landfall, and though the news is better that she's turning to the east more (at least, better for us; bad for those folks in Galveston/Louisiana area), it is likely that our area will still be affected by 3-4 category winds.

The kids are bored, but have been pretty good so far, all things considered. We're trying to figure out how to entertain twin eight year old boys in Midland, TX, which from what we can tell is an oil town, and not much else. It does have the distinction of being President Bush's (the current) home town, where he met and married his wife. The rumor is that there is a movie theater in town, so I'll be checking to see if there are any kid flicks playing.

The most exciting part of our visit so far was trying to figure out how the shower operated in our bathroom. Can anyone tell me why someone doesn't come up with a universal standard for operating hotel shower faucets in America? Every time I go to a hotel, I wind up puzzling over how the darn shower head works. Does it pull out with the handle on the bottom, or pull up with the button on the faucet, or turn with the doo-hickey on the side of the showerhead? This one did none of those. It was bad enough for me to call in my DH, who is a PhD professor with no practical sense whatsoever, to see if he could figure it out. He couldn't. I was so desperate for a shower after having missed mine for two days, I finally turned the taps up full blast and sat down in the tub as the levels rose (there was no tub plug, so a bath was out of the question), and splashed around like a duck. DH finally went to the front desk, fought the lines of people from Houston trying to register for rooms that don't exist, and discovered that there was a little pull down nipple-thingy fitted into the actual faucet head that operates the shower. Oh, yeah, that was obvious. Can't believe I missed that.

So, the adventure continues...


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Anonymous said...

After everything you have been be flummoxed by a shower! I say, chalk it up to having been on the road for so long and being dead tired!