Friday, September 02, 2005

May You Burn in Hell, Spam Creature of the Night

Well, I've been forced to turn on the "word verification" feature in my blog because a spammer posted a comment on my site. So now, if you want to respond with a comment (and I hope you do, because I love seeing them), you'll just need to verify that you are a real person first by typing in the word you see on the screen when it asks after you post. I'm sorry about that, but these DIRTY ROTTEN SONS OF DOGS are spoiling the fun for everybody.

What I want to know is, why do they think that sending me junk mail over the internet that I then have to deal with, or pay someone to remove by buying software that will deal with it, is going to encourage me to buy their product? I don't understand spammers. They're like men who whistle and hoot houndog noises at pretty women walking by, or guys with those little playboy flaps on their pickup trucks. Do they really think a woman is going to turn around, get all googly-eyed, and say, "Why, yes, I really would like to date you. You appear to be so trustworthy and classy, how could I not?"

Who buys stuff from spammers to encourage them to do this? I can't imagine they would continue unless they're making a profit, right? Now, I know the regular readers of my blog (all five or six of you) would never do that, but let me give the rest of you a hint: these people are not your friends. Don't believe them when they say they can get you Viagra for half the price, or that Lolitas and boys want to do it for you on their website, first visit is free, or they are from Nigeria and they need help recovering money from their government and if you'd only give them your bank account number, they'll cut you in, or Bank of America needs to check its records for security reasons and would you please send them all your pertinant information in a reply. They will not do these things, but they will take your money to South America and you will never see it again.

Trust me. Auntie TJB wouldn't lie to you.

And if you're out there, spammer, stop posting spam to my site (you dirty rotten so-and-so, you).



Cara King said...

The email spam I used to get that made me laugh most was "Want to see big breasts?" Um, yeah, I can look at mine for free anytime. :-)

As for those guys whistling on the street... I always figure it's a power thing. They don't want the woman to like them. The want to show that they're the man, and therefore, they're the boss. Ugh.


TJ Bennett said...

Cara, you are too funny! :) The one that really cracks me up is the one that tries to entice me to the porn site with old ladies having sex with young boys. Is there a real market for that, I wonder?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there is a real market for anything (earthgirls and martians, puppies and kittens, etc).