Saturday, September 24, 2005

Good News

I just spoke to an official from my town who says it fared pretty well in the storm. Only one of the villages has lost power, and though there are a number of trees down in the roads and a few on houses, no flooding has occurred. He said they're driving the neighborhoods to see what trees are down, and there was a large one in ours, but he wasn't aware of any on houses. If our house survived the winds, we might be okay.

The officials in Texas are saying to stay put for now, so we'll stay in Midland one more day, head towards Austin tomorrow and stay near there for a day, then make our way home.

Wish us luck. Right now we're heading out for brunch. Ah, the life of an evacuee...



Anonymous said...

I'm just thrilled you got out and to somewhere safe before Rita hit. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that you and your family are safe. I've been through a hurricane and believe me the damage can be devistating. Take your time going back and be thankful that you and your family are safe, especially when you see the damage that has been done.

TJ Bennett said...

Hi, Ann! Welcome to the show. Keep those cards and letters coming, all--it makes me smile to know you are reading my blog, even if I can't always comment back. Hey Christine, Trish, TSJ, SMJ, et al.