Wednesday, November 11, 2009

IMHO Welcomes Tracy Madison!

Paranormal romance with a delightful touch is Tracy Madison’s signature style, and it’s no surprise since she grew up far more interested in the world of the make believe than the real world right outside her door. Almost from the moment she learned to read, she says, she discovered the magic of books. With Nancy Drew, C.S. Lewis, or J.R.R. Tolkien as her guide, she traveled to different worlds, solved mysteries, and had breathtaking, spine tingling adventures. Then, as a teenager, she picked up one of her mother’s romances, and fell in love all over again.

Getting completely lost in a story is still one of Tracy’s favorite things to do, but she’s also active in her local Romance Writers of America chapter, plays a variety of computer games, and is seriously addicted to reality television.

Today, Tracy lives in Northwestern Ohio with her husband, four children, and several anthropomorphized critters. She warns that her house is often hectic, noisy, and filled to the brim with laugh-out-loud moments. Many of these incidents fire up her imagination to create the interesting, realistic, and intrinsically funny characters that live in her stories.

Romantic Times Book Reviews says "[Madison] has a breezy, intimate style that's fun to read.” Tracy's debut novel was A TASTE OF MAGIC, in which "a young, divorced bakery owner discovers she's inherited her gypsy ancestress's fabulous magical powers, but learns that when seeking true love with a hunky new neighbor, a person has to be careful what she cooks up." Fresh Fiction called it "a masterpiece."

Tracy will put her sophomore novel, A STROKE OF MAGIC, into the “Giving Thanks” tote for our lucky winner. RT says A STROKE OF MAGIC is “… an uplifting and delightful story about finding love and trusting your heart." In STROKE, Alice must deal with a sexy new boss, a baby on the way, a crazy family, and a gypsy curse. Only a soul-deep bond with the right man can save her and her child. As if being single wasn't pressure enough!

IMHO: Great to have you here today, Tracy. Tell our readers: what are you thankful for this year?

TM: Well, first of all, let me give a huge thanks to TJ Bennett for having me here today! Then, let me say I’m thankful that my next release, A BREATH OF MAGIC, will be out in May 2010. Now, on to today’s topic.

So, when I first began thinking about this post, I’ll admit I came up blank. Oh, not that I don’t have plenty of things to be thankful for, because I do. I have an amazing family, incredible friends, and within these two groups of people, an unbelievably tight support system for which I am ever grateful. But come on—of course I’m thankful for my friends and family! Aren’t we all?

And while my family and friends deserve a post filled with glowing words, I wanted to write about something different. Something unique. And, therefore, hopefully something that TJ’s other guests wouldn’t write about. So I thought. And thought. And thought some more. I came up with a few ideas, but none of them really spoke to me. For the curious, here they are:

• George Clooney. I don’t think any explanation is required.
• Coffee. Oh, how I love my fresh-brewed coffee. Strong and hot, please.
• Sims 3. Because in Sims 3 I can work only one day a week and make oodles of cash. Oh, and pregnancy only lasts a few days, and even better, the kids grow up FAST. And with top gardening, fishing, and cooking skills, I can stay young forever. That’s right. Forever.
• Ordering out. Not only will people bring food to my door, but now I can order almost anything I want on the internet. I don’t even have to pick up the phone.
• The TV show How I Met Your Mother. Barney Stinson is awesome, and makes me laugh. A lot. Kind of a snorting laugh, but who cares?
• Working from home. Because my work clothes? They’re pajamas and sweats and long, baggy sweatshirts.
• Being a writer. Telling my stories and seeing them on the shelves is even more awesome than Barney Stinson.
• The fact I haven’t gotten my hand stuck in the garbage disposal for over a year. Um, again, self-explanatory. (For a full explanation, you can read about this experience here.)

So while I am quite thankful for all of the above, none of them really fired up my imagination for a thanks-worthy post. I was becoming quite flummoxed (isn’t that a great word? I love that word. Well, I like “quirky” too. Hm. Quirky vs. Flummoxed?) over the problem. But then I realized that I didn’t need one solitary topic, because at this time in my life, I am thankful for…well, everything that makes up my life. And yes, that includes my family and friends and every item, person, and/or thing represented on the above list.

In conclusion, my life—while not perfect—is pretty dang good, and I wake up every morning feeling thankful for all that I have. Besides which, by focusing on the positives, the things that aren’t so great right now don’t hold such impact. Which, on some days, is what keeps me from eating my weight in chocolate. (Oh yeah, I’m also thankful for chocolate…)

You tell me. What are YOU thankful for this year?

IMHO: You heard the woman. Yes, you may have already responded to this question before, and if you did, I’m sure you can think of something else you are thankful for this year. Right? Let Tracy know what it is for a chance to win one of two Thanksgiving-themed totes. Remember, the more authors you leave comments for, the better your chances of winning.

And by the way, since today is Veteran's Day, I want to add a grateful thank you to all the veterans who served our country, and all those military men and women serving today. Thank you all!

Comment away!



Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I am also grateful for not getting stuck in the garbage disposal, although I've never done so. Even when I lived in NW Ohio.

No need to enter me for all those goodies, TJ. I'm dropping in to let you know I've got this up at Win a Book, as promised. Thanks for the e-mail.

Virginia C said...

Hi, Tracy! How about coffee...with George Clooney? Or, better yet, how about espresso with George at his Italian villa : )

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

QLady48 said...

Hi Tracy, that was a fun blog!!! LUV your book covers!! I have yet to read any of your books. Where did flumoxxed come from?? First time I read it I was what the heck is it!! I'm grateful for many things, today it's sunshine!! Everyday there are different blessings to be thankful for. #1 on my list is ALWAYS good health for myself and my fam!! Thanks, Sue

Tracy Madison said...

Hi, Susan! LOL on your comment. I definitely was not liking life that morning, but the story is funny now. And thank you so much for posting this at Win a Book. It's much appreciated!

Hey, Virginia! Nice to "see" you again. And I so like the way you think. Coffee and George Clooney might be too much goodness all at once though. Nah. I can handle it!

Hi, Sue! Thanks for the props! I wanted to have fun with the post, so I'm glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for the comment about my book covers. Dorchester's art department rocks. In every way. I'm also thankful for good health for me and my family and friends.

flip said...

I am grateful that my family is healthy and happy. As long as I can be with the people I love, I am good.

Anonymous said...

Besides my family and friends, of course, I'm thankful for chocolate and peppermint. And tomatoes.

The Scarf Princess said...

I'm thankful that my friends and family are with me whenever I need them. I'm also thankful for the egg nog latte I got from Starbucks yesterday. It was wonderfully yummy.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Unknown said...

I am thinkful that my husband has a job and that we are fairly healthy! We don't have a lot because I don't have a job right now but we have enough to get by on. We are not going hungry like some people today and we have a house to live in. In this day you can't ask for much more!


Tracy Madison said...

Hi, flip: I totally agree. Happiness and health are things to be very thankful for.

Carol: Yum! Chocolate and peppermint are two of my favorites. I like tomatoes too, but not as much as chocolate and peppermint, lol.

Hey, Joder: Oh wow, Starbucks has their egg nog lattes already? Really? I foresee a Starbucks trip in my very near future...

Virginia: Oh, I hear you on the job front. My hubby has been laid off for over a year now. Things have definitely been tight around my house, but like you, I'm grateful we have a house and food and that (right now, at least) we're all healthy.

Jane said...

Besides the usual I'm also thankful for the great shows on TV. This form of entertainment is the cheapest and I can't afford to go to the movies all the time.

Pat Cochran said...

God Bless Our Military Forces!

God bless the mds who discovered
a medical problem that called for
my nephew's retirement. He was already in line to deploy for his 4th or 5th visit to the Mid. East since Desert Storm. They called
and he was answering the call.
He would have been in Afghanistan
by now. I keep all our troops in
prayer for the day they all will
be home! That will one day when
I will be most thankful!!

Pat Cochran

mrsshukra said...

I'm thankful that all everyone in my family is healthy!


Mariee said...

I'm thankful for my pets. Even on a bad day they always bring a smile to my face.

TJ Bennett said...

I'm thankful for our guest host today, Tracy Madison! I know more IMHO visitors will stop in after today and leave comments for Tracy for a chance to win her book and those of all our guests. Feel free to continue commenting, and tune in next week, same bat time, same bat channel, when our guest will be medieval historical romance author Jessica Trapp, who has A LOT to be thankful for this year (we'll let her tell you her harrowing story herself).

Again, thank you, Tracy!


donnas said...

I am grateful for my family and friends. Glad they are here around me and I can talk to them when I need someone to talk to or just have fun with.

Martha Lawson said...

I'm thankful that my husband and I still have our jobs.!

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

Linda Henderson said...

I'm very thankful for the good health of my new granddaughter. She spent 4 months in the NICU and she is home and doing great. It was the best thing to happen in my family this year. We are all thankful.

librarypat said...

I'm thankful the family is mostly well, there are no major problems on the horizon, just a few blips we are hoping will turn out to be no big deal.
The way things have been going, I'm glad we have actually made it through another year, almost (still have a month and a half left.).
I'm thankful for books an all the great authors out there. (My husband, however, wishes I weren't quite so thankful. He has run out of places to put bookcases for me.). If I'm not real happy with what life is throwing at me, reading helps to escape that reality for a little while at least.
Good luck with your release in the spring, and have a great Holiday Season!

Margay Leah Justice said...

I am grateful for the fact that my older daughter is in college and doing wonderful there.


Tracy Madison said...

Hi, Jane: I barely used to watch TV, but now there are shows I look forward to every night. Thank goodness for my DVR! Right now, besides HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, I also love CASTLE. And Nathan Fillion...

Pat: Oh wow, I'm sooo relieved that your nephew got the news before deploying. I hope he's doing well! And, yes, I too pray for the day that our troops can come home.

Hi, Delilah! I absolutely agree with you. :)

Mariee: First off, I LOVE your name. Pets are great, aren't they? We have 2 cats and a dog, and they also give us countless hours of love and laughter.

Tracy Madison said...

TJ: Thank you so much for the invite to be here. I'm loving every minute of it, and I'll definitely continue to keep checking in.

Hi, Donnas! Our family and friends keep us going, don't they? Thanks for commenting!

Linda: Oh, wow...I'm sooo happy to hear your granddaughter is home and doing well. As the mother of twins were born early, I'm very well accustomed with the worry of NICU (though, the nurses there are top notch, thank goodness.)

Tracy Madison said...

Hi, Librarypat! I'm right there with you. This year has been so tough on so many people. I'm hopeful that things stabalize soon. And LOL on your hubby! It doesn't seem to matter how big my TBR pile (er...shelves) is, there are always more books I NEED to have. I hope your holidays are amazing!

Hey, Margay! We have something in eldest (also a daughter) started college this year, and thankfully, is doing quite well.

cheryl c said...

I am always, always grateful that I live in the U.S. and enjoy all the freedoms that we have.

Tracy Madison said...

Hi, Cheryl: We live in a great country, and I am also thankful for the freedoms the U.S. offers. Thanks so much for commenting!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful I have met so many wonderful and giving writers on various writing forums and Twitter! Without their support I might have given up the idea of actually getting published one day!

Maureen said...

I just got a new camera for my birthday and have been looking for things to take pictures of and I find that I am thankful for all the beautiful things were are surrounded by each day.

CherylS22 said...

I'm thankful for all the men & women who serve in the armed forces of the USA and for all who have served before them. If it weren't for their unselfish service, we would not live in a free country.


Carol M said...

I so agree! I'm also very thankful for chocolate! lol

I'm very thankful that my children are happily married. I have a wonderful daugher-in-law and a wonderful son-in-law. We get along great with their families and we often get together.

mittens0831 at aol dot com

Mari said...

Tracie I just wanted to stop in and let you know I really enjoy your books and the teaser covers.

runningmatey at hotmail dot com