Friday, November 13, 2009

Historical Novel Cover Contest

Hey, just popping in to let you know The Season Blog is having a historical romance novel cover contest that ends November 15. I'd love your vote for THE PROMISE, if you are so inclined, but even if you aren't, stop over and check out the covers and vote for your favorites. There are some lovely ones there.



librarypat said...

Already went by and voted. Hope your cover does well. It is classy. I've gotten tired of the clutch covers.

Unknown said...

I voted for your cover because it was my favorite. I don't care for the cover on Taboo and right now thats the one at the top.

TJ Bennett said...

Thanks, ladies!


Linda Henderson said...

I will have to go check it out. Hope I'm not too late.

Virginia C said...

I love the cover of your book. It would definitely make me pick up the book and expect a grand story to be told!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com