Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Blog Talk Radio debut

While you folks were enjoying Tracy Madison's company yesterday (please be sure to leave her a comment to increase your chances of winning one of our two Thanksgiving themed totes, by the way), I was over at Blog Talk Radio enjoying some lively discussions with other authors about how we can benefit from social media.

The slate also included horror filmmaker/author Gregory Lamberson (Slime City), comedy author Kathy Carmichael (Hot Flash) (sitting in for the temporarily derailed Vicki Hinze--get better soon, Vicki!), and motivational speaker and personal trainer Staci Boyer (Motiv8n' U).

I learned a thing or two about it myself (like, I'm gonna hafta get a Facebook page) and was very impressed by the calibre of knowledge everyone had.
If you're an author thinking about how to use social media (like Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, MySpace, et al) to promote your books, you really should check it out. Here's the link: when you get there, look for the Medallion Press podcast dated 11/11/09. You can play it there, or download it to iTunes and take it with you! Enjoy!



Susan Helene Gottfried said...

See? You survived.

I have a good reason for not coming and holding your hand: I had book club tonight. I'm the leader; that makes it hard to blow off.

TJ Bennett said...

Excuses, excuses...


Seriously, it went fine. Even the fact that the moderator lobbed me the first question was probably for the best. Sorta like ripping the Bandaid off fast. Got over my nerves REAL quick after that. LOL!