Saturday, August 01, 2009

Winner of Random Freebies! And August's guests

Sorry for the late posting, folks. Running a little behind. The lucky winner of Your Roots Are Showing and Perfecting Kate is Martha Lawson!

Martha Lawson, please send me an e-mail at tjb @ tjbennett . com (delete the spaces) with your address (U.S. and Canada only) so I can get your winning books out to you. Sadly, since you didn't guess my trivia question (and yes, it was Claude Rains from Casablanca who said it), you don't pick up the copy of THE PROMISE this time. Maybe a future win, eh? Or maybe, you know, you could

Just wanted to give a sneak preview for August's delights. I'll get my newsletter out this week (hopefully; my schedule is so busy right now, I think I met myself coming in the door this morning), but I wanted you to know the wonderful guests we've got on board for August. We'll have visits from Kimberly Frost (August 5), Karen Young (August 12), 2009 RITA nominee Linda Warren (August 19), and 2009 RITA nominee Jean Brashear (August 26), all discussing August's theme: "This Kiss, This Kiss."

Can't wait! And, you know, ever since I came up with this theme (in honor of August 25th being Kiss and Make Up Day; uh-huh it is) this song has been stuck in my head, so why not torture you with it, too? It's so jaunty....


Faith Hill - This Kiss

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