Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Unread

I’m being interviewed today at 10am at The Good, The Bad, and The Unread. It’s a cute interview and asked a lot of questions I had never been asked before.

I hope you’ll stop by and leave a comment for a chance to win one of two copies of my outside-the-box historical romance, THE PROMISE, of which TGTBTU rated “A-“ and said, “The Promise is on the same level as The Legacy, and that means you should run out and pick this one up as well.”

TJ Bennett


Carol L. said...

Stopped b y and left a comment T.J.
Carol L.

Patricia Barraclough said...

Great interview, TJ. Found out some interesting things about you. The two excerpts were good. I like that you are trying different genres.

TJ Bennett said...

Thanks for reading the interview. Yeah, the questions took me a while to answer. I actually had to think! :-)


penney said...

Great blog today, thanks TJ, love your books

Erin Radford said...

Good interview. Keep up the good writing.