Monday, July 13, 2009

Final week of the RITA® Finalist giveaway!

Welcome back to our third and final week of fabulous RITA®-nominated book tote giveaways! (If you want to stay up on all the goings-on here at IMHO, be sure to sign up for my newsletter at the top of the page.)

Most of the participating authors for this week's posts are at the National convention by now, canoodling with other authors, agents, and editors in a dizzying spin of workshops and lunch meetings at the bar. Ah, the memories. Wish I could be there. But, because I can't, you reap the benefit, my lucky IMHO readers!

Just as a reminder, for the month of July, IMHO is changing things up a bit. As many of you who are lovers of romance novels know, the Romance Writers of America® hosts their annual conference in July, and the culmination is the Golden Heart/RITA® awards ceremony on the final night of the conference. The RITAs® are the romance industry’s version of the Oscars and represent the best of published romantic fiction (the Golden Heart represents the best of unpublished romantic fiction). This year’s conference takes place in Washington, D.C. from July 14 – 18.

Almost fifty RITA®-nominated authors have generously donated autographed copies of their books (in some cases, two!) for readers of IMHO, and responded to this question: "What does being nominated for the RITA® this year mean to you?"

I think the thing that has really come through to me these past few weeks are the strong emotions with which the authors associate their RITA® nominations. The stories they have told have painted a picture of the uniqueness of each author's situation and reaction to being told she (or they, as the case may be) are RITA® nominees. Some have made me laugh, some have brought a tear to my eyes, and many, many have made me smile because of the joy and enthusiasm expressed by the grateful authors. That has made all the hard work and effort to bring their stories to you well worth it. Once again, thank you to all the great authors out there who were nominated, for their generosity, time, and support of this crazy idea I had to bring the RITAs® to IMHO.

So, as you probably know, I have been giving away tote bags stuffed with autographed RITA®-nominated books to readers of this blog (there will be a total of ten), and in addition, I’m even throwing in a complimentary copy of one of my own critically acclaimed historical romances with each tote, either The Legacy (my debut novel) or The Promise!

Be sure to get yours by leaving your comments and by giving a shout out to all the amazing, incredible, munificent, and of course, astonishingly attractive authors who so generously donated their books!

Details on how to win are up on my contest page. This has been an exciting couple of weeks, and it ain't over yet, so be sure to check in daily to see what's up at IMHO in July.

Let's get back to the fun!

(Note: This contest is neither endorsed, affiliated with, nor sponsored by Romance Writers of America®)


donnas said...

Thanks for this I am finding all kinds of new books to add to my wishlist.

Dina said...

it's been so much fun learning about new authors and new books to the ones I know of.

Martha Lawson said...

Congrats to all the nominees! These books all sound wonderful - I sure would love to win them!

Erin Radford said...

My Mom told me about this contest today. She has your book, The Legacy, and says it is really good. All these books I saw in the past weeks sound really good. No wonder they have been nominated for awards. Thank you for doing such a nice thing.

TJ Bennett said...

Welcome to IMHO, Erin! Glad you stopped by. Enjoy!