Monday, April 06, 2009

Trivia contest for THE LEGACY at AAR

Hey, just found out the reader review site All About Romance is running a trivia contest, and giving away two copies of THE LEGACY as prizes. You have to answer a question about me for a chance to win. :-) If you're interested, check it out.

AAR gave THE LEGACY a rare Desert Isle Keeper status and put it on their "Buried Treasure" list for 2008.



Caffey said...

TJ, is your site down? Its saying that it is and I thought I'd let you know. Thanks

TJ Bennett said...

The site isn't down, Caffey, but there are problems. I'm told due to the earthquake in Italy, there may be re-routing issues going on that affect my server. I can access it from one of my home computers, but not the other two. Try typing the address directly again (, and if that doesn't work, Google me "tj bennett" and click on the link that comes up as my official website. That worked on the computers we were having trouble seeing it with.

Hopefully, this will be resolved soon and things will go back to normal. Thanks for the head's up.

Take care,