Sunday, March 01, 2009

Google vs. Authors Guild Settlement

I just wanted to pass along some information I think may affect many of the authors who visit my blog. One of my well-informed critique partners, Joni Rodgers, has posted a link on her and Colleen Thompson's blog Boxing the Octopus regarding the Google settlement with Authors Guild that provides info on the settlement and a claim form authors and publishers can file to claim any works copied by Google. Authors cannot be paid any resulting use fees unless they first file the claim, and there is a deadline.

The post contains a link to the claim form, and it is really easy to do. I knew Google had scanned THE LEGACY, so I went in and claimed it. You can do a search once you register for any of your works.

Anyone interested in protecting their rights should probably go take a look.


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Anonymous said...

It is hard enough to make a living without having to worry about your work being taken without your concent.