Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quotes, quotes

I'm so jazzed. I received two great quotes from other romance authors whom I admire, ladies who took the time to read my book and say something nice about it for public consumption. I admit to biting my nails after I sent them the ARC (advance reader copy) of The Legacy, because what (I thought) if they read it and decided to decline to offer a quote? It happens, I'm told. So, I was very delighted to receive these quotes--and very nice comments privately--from these women:

"Bennett delivers a powerful evocation of an exciting period in history most romance novels have ignored. Her full-blooded characters take you on an emotional rollercoaster, for a trip you won't soon forget. We'll be seeing more of this author, and I can hardly wait." ~ Susan Squires, author of Danegeld, Danelaw, No More Lies, and The Companion series

"Tempting, tantalizing, and terrific! TJ Bennett is an exceptional new talent who delivers a fresh, satisfying romance." ~ Shana Galen, author of Good Groom Hunting, When Dashing Met Danger, and Blackthorne's Bride

Yay, me!!!



Kate Willoughby said...

Awesome quotes, TJ! Congratulations! I love Susan Squires' books.

Anonymous said...

Those are very nice quotes. Congratulations, TJ!

TJ Bennett said...

Thanks, ladies. I was indeed thrilled, especially since these authors are such fine writers in their own right. And they are both "crossover" writers, too, like me (in that they write in more than one subgenre).