Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pictures from Dallas

Just a quick note to say I've got a slide show from the RWA conference in Dallas up on my website. I had great fun, learned lots, got to hobnob with some of the writing "glitterati" and meet all my down-home girlfriends from the Los Angeles chapter. I also enjoyed hanging with my friends from the West Houston chapter as well. Click here to go directly to the gallery page of my website (you might want to lower the volume on your monitor, because there's a cute "girlfriend" song playing during the slide show, but it starts out a bit loud. Or, you might want to boom it, so jack that sucker up. Your choice!)



Dana Belfry said...


What GREAT pictures TJ! You are incredibly photogenic!

:) Dana

TJ Bennett said...

Well, you didn't see the 100 other pictures I snapped and discarded for being not quite "photogenic" enough. LOL! But, thank you.