Sunday, October 27, 2013

Still three chances to win a prize!

So much going on! I just wanted to remind you that I'm still on my Dark Angel book blog tour. Please be sure to visit the generous bloggers who are giving me their space for a day. Oh, and remember to sign up for the giveaways (hosted by rafflecopter) featured at some of the blog stops! For the rafflecopter giveaway, at the end of the book blog tour I'm giving away a unique cameo necklace and a $20 gift certificate for either or Barnes and Noble, your choice. Here's a picture of the necklace being given away for the blog tour.

I'm also still on the All Entangled Eve Halloween Hop, featuring over 50 Entangled Publishing authors, scheduled to end (you guessed it) on Halloween. Be sure to check out each author's hop since we are all giving away prizes! Mine is another cameo necklace and $20 gift certificate to or Barnes and Noble.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cameo Necklace for All Entangled Eve Halloween Blog HOP! 

Why am I giving away cameo necklaces? Because a cameo necklace is a cherished possession of my heroine, Catherine Briton--and the only thing she brings with her to the Dark Island of Ynys Nos when she is washed ashore after a violent shipwreck.

And finally, as a reward to the followers of my blog here at IMHO, I'm giving away yet another $20 gift certificate for or Barnes and Noble exclusively for followers of IMHO. If you'd like to be a part of my posse, please sign up on my followers link to the bottom right of this column for a chance to win. 

Here are the remaining dates for the rest of the tour:
10/27:  Tens list or interview - Laurie's Thoughts
10/28:  Guest post - Mark of the Stars
10/29:  Guest post - Books to Get Lost In -
10/30:  Spotlight - Deal Sharing Aunt -
11/1:  Spotlight - In Shadows -
11/3:  Interview - Romance with Flavor -
11/4:  Spotlight - Must Read Faster -
11/5:  Interview - Books n Kisses -
11/6:  Interview - Becky on Books
11/6:  2nd stop - Spotlight - 
11/7:  Spotlight - Le Book  Squirrel -
11/8:  Interview - You Gotta Read Reviews

Hope to visit with you soon!
~TJ Bennett

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