Monday, February 18, 2008

Save the date and "Let's go back in time together..."

Okay, I have a date and time for my book signing/food tasting party! April 18 (Friday), 6 - 8pm, come join me in celebrating the debut of my first novel, The Legacy, a historical romance, at Read it Again & Again Bookstore in Houston on Beechnut. The fabulous Chef Norie will provide the food for the tasting part of the event. She promises to take our palates back in time and will feature something from the historical setting of my book (Early Reformation Germany)--Americanized for the modern foodie, of course.

I'll put more details up later, as we're still hammering them out, but I hope some of you can set that date aside and come visit us if you are in the area. Tell your friends! We're billing this as my Houston "book launch party." I'll be signing, so you can buy The Legacy there if you haven't already by then.

Hope to see some friendly faces at my book launch party. If you can't make it that day, but you happen to be in Los Angeles at 10am on April 13, I'll be speaking at the Barnes & Noble in Encino for the Los Angeles Romance Authors RWA chapter . I'm pretty sure there will be books there, too. *wink*



Robena Grant said...

Hey TJ:
I'm looking forward to your visit to Southern Cal. I'll purchase your book there and have to miss out on the food tasting. Sigh.
No, actually that's a good thing 'cause I started my new diet two weeks ago and am doing fine. Slow but fine. I'm thinking hare and tortoise and you know which one I am.

TJ Bennett said...

Robena, I'll look forward to seeing you!