Saturday, December 22, 2007

My first review!

I received my first review for The Legacy, and it's wonderful. Coffeetime Romance has rated the book a 5 out of 5 coffee cups (in their rating system, that means the book is an "ultra rare, extraordinary read")! The review isn't posted on their site yet, as it will be put up during the release month of April 2008, but I'll post an excerpt of it here:

"This story is superb. It is one of those thrilling tales where even the dastardly villain makes the reader want to squash him. Sabina's adoptive father is a true menace. I can understand why she would be leery in trusting anyone. Wolf has lost much and I could feel his pain as he tries to accept situations in his life with Sabina. The Legacy is a riveting story that explodes with tight action. It is an interesting plot with in-depth feelings that even pierced this reader's heart. There are situations between this loving couple that made my heart leap for joy. Drama at its best, this is one overpowering, extraordinary tale.

Cherokee, Reviewer, Coffeetime Romance"

Yay, me!


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