Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Been getting a lot of compliments on my new website designed by CMA Webs . I love the lush colors and the rose and candle motif. I think my designer did a fabulous job representing my style and personality, and I know we worked hard to create something of which we could both be proud. I hope the articles and links will be useful to visitors to the site.

I did want to point out that my historical romance, The Legacy, coming from Medallion Press in April 2008, doesn't actually have any cover art yet. What you see on my site is a mock-up the designer put together just for the site. I don't expect the real cover art for several months, but I'll have some fanfare and such when it comes out. I have no idea at this point what it will look like. I know I shared some preferences with the art department, but the ball is in their court now. Medallion Press has been generating some fabulous covers this year, so I'm in great hands.

My preferences are for artwork similar to what is on my site (the rose motif, maybe?), or a closeup of my ruggedly handsome hero's face (Jack Hartnett comes to mind--the way he looks on Sylvia Day's The Stranger I Married), or failing that, my beautiful heroine--FULLY DRESSED. I'm not much of a fan of the semi-naked cover, though I realize some beautiful artwork has been done in this area (see some of Hope Tarr's covers. The cover of Tempting won an award. Of course, she also had a bad, bad thing happen to her with Lord Jack). I despise the clinch cover as well (oh my gosh, is there ANYTHING right with that cover? I guess we know what Lone Arrow is proud of...). Interestingly, my designer chose a closeup of a woman for my mock-up, and the young lady featured is a good match for my heroine. It's not one I would have thought of myself, but I like it. Some other lovely historical romance covers featuring heroines can be found here.

The cover of a book can have such an impact on sales, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I want something wonderful and evocative, sexy yet not overtly so, romantic yet not corny, something that sells my vision of the book. I know, tall order. What I don't want is the kind of covers we see when good covers go bad, either there or here. Sadly, Medallion Press made the second list. However, Medallion Press also produced this and this, so there is hope for me yet.

I'm so anxious. Wish me luck.



Toni Anderson said...

Popped over from the PAN loop to say I love the website and good luck with the book cover!!!

TJ Bennett said...

Thanks, Toni! Glad you liked it, and welcome to my corner of cyberspace.