Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Coffeetime Romance Chat

Just wanted to let everyone know about a special opportunity in which I'm participating. A bunch of Medallion Press authors (my new publisher) will be hosting a moderated loop on Feb. 23. If you're interested in learning more about MP, or writing for them, or just want to know what really terrific books will be available from MP, stop by for a visit. Not to mention there will be a GREAT contest prize available. Details follow.

What: Medallion Press Authors’ Day
Where: Coffeetime Romance Yahoo e-loop
When: Friday, February 23, 10-8 eastern time
(I will be hosting time slot 12 – 2 pm EST with other Medallion Press authors, including Hope Tarr, Lynda Hilburn, Kathy Steffan, and Sara Reinke (scheduled to appear)).
~~Teatime and Treasure with Medallion Press~~
Join Medallion Authors at our Coffeetime Romance e-loop chat on Friday, 23rd February! Win a Medallion Press Treasure Chest, with painted porcelain teapot, matching cups, tea, cookies, and a dozen Medallion Press paperbacks of your choice (any genre, not just romance)!

As a special treat, Kerry Estevez, Medallion Press’s Author Liaison and Acquisitions Editor, will be available to take questions about submissions/acquisitions.

Please note: This is a moderated loop, so you need to sign up in advance and be approved by the moderator. I’d suggest joining a couple of days ahead and selecting “no mail” or “special messages only” until Feb 23. Then you can either go to the web yahoo group and post and read messages there, or change your preferences to individual messages.
To sign up for Coffeetime Romance's loop:

click "join this group"

Hope to see you there!

TJ Bennett

THE LEGACY, Medallion Press (April 2008)
When secrets destroy, can love live on?

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