Monday, November 07, 2005

I don't think this is what they meant by Thanksgiving...

Sunday, I spent an hour with my boys, after grading essays for six hours, decorating a picture of a turkey that the third grade teachers decided would be a great “bonding” project for the students’ families to do together. Yeah, bonding. We did it at 8:30 at night, the three of us with Elmers glue and a mess of sequins, shouting, “I don’t care what it looks like, just GLUE it on!”

Actually, when it was done, it was kinda cute...we named it the Glam Diva Turkey, cause she sure as heck sparkles like one. I just hope the teachers don’t think the boys are gay when they bring it in...Looks a little like Judy Garland’s shoes in Wizard of Oz (“There’s no place like click...there’s no place like home...”)


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