Monday, May 25, 2009

Colleen Thompson's BENEATH BONE LAKE is out!

Hey, folks, one of my favorite authors and a dear friend, 2009 RITA nominated romantic suspense author Colleen Thompson, has a new book out. Join in the blitz and shower over at Boxing the Octopus and buy Beneath Bone Lake today!

I got an early glimpse of this book, and folks, I will tell you it is her best yet. If you love chilling suspense, thrill rides that will make your eyes bleed, hot romance, and twisty twists at the end of a tightly-knit mystery the ending of which you will not be able to predict, this is the book for you. In Colleen's own words:

"Stretched along the East Texas and Louisiana border, there lies a lake populated by old cypress trees cobwebbed with thick strands of Spanish moss. Inhabited by the ghostly calls of great birds and huge alligators that lurk just beneath the surface, the lake is also home to the sun-bleached, standing skeletons of huge trees drowned as the area first flooded. It's an eerie world, lonely and primordial and beautiful and sometimes frightening. It is also the setting of my next romantic thriller, Beneath Bone Lake..."

Oh, yeah! Go get it! Now!



Colleen Thompson said...

Thanks so very much for the heads up and the very kind words!

Virginia said...

This sounds like a fantastic read. I love these edge of your pants type of book. I am going to have to check it out. Thanks for sharing it with us!