Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another great review of THE PROMISE!

All About Romance, the reader review site, gave THE PROMISE a great review. While it didn't earn a Desert Isle Keeper status like its predecessor, THE LEGACY, it did garner a B+ (tough to earn at this site) and wonderful praise like this:

“[F]ull of ups and downs and tears and joys… Humor, dry wit, outrageous hero sexiness, intricate plotting, and shedding a few tears all make for a winning combination in my world.”

You can read the full review right here. So, Alonsa isn't for everyone--I knew that when I wrote her, but I wouldn't change a word. And heck, yes, I'll take a B+. Even if it's like eating chocolate cake without the frosting...dang, it's still chocolate cake, you know? Hey, pass the milk! LOL!



Margay said...

That is wonderful news, congratulations!

Jody F. said...

Congrats on another great review!

Virginia said...

Congrats TJ on another great review!

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Carol L. said...

Congratulations TJ. Besides, dessert is dessert. :)
Carol L.