Monday, February 02, 2009

THE LEGACY on AAR's "Buried Treasure" List for 2008

Thought I'd let everyone know I woke up to a very nice announcement today:

My historical romance THE LEGACY and fellow Medallion Press' author Judith James' BROKEN WING have both been chosen by the review site All About Romance as Buried Treasures for 2008.

Yay, us! *claps hands and does cartwheels*




Lisa Marie Wilkinson said...

Having read the book, I am not surprised! Congratulations!

Estella said...


TJ Bennett said...

Thanks, ladies!


Meljprincess said...

Congratulations TJ!

Anna said...

Congratulations! It's a great book!


Paula said...


Pam P said...

Congrats, I'm not surprised either, loved it!

Evangeline said...

After reading the review on AAR, I had to google you to give congratulations! I'm going to get this book ASAP.

TJ Bennett said...

Thanks, everyone! I really do appreciate your support. Since THE LEGACY has been out for awhile, your best bet is to find it on or order it from Read It Again if your local store doesn't carry it anymore. It will be worth the wait (I hope, I hope)! LOL!