Saturday, April 05, 2008

My "Squeeee" Moment: The Legacy has ARRIVED!

A friend of mine from California coined the term "squeee" as the joyous sound a person makes when she is squealing for, well, joy. My "squee" moment has finally arrived. I received my author copies in the mail today from my publisher, which means my long-awaited (at least by me) book is about to hit the bookshelves of America everywhere!

'Scuse me while I--

Okay, I'm back again. Remember, Medallion Press is an independent press with smaller print runs (i.e., fewer books in circulation than the big boys), so not every bookstore in your town will automatically carry it, but you can get it through all the normal bookstores you would buy any other book. You just might have to ask for yours to order a copy if it isn't already in stock. Or, you could order it from as well. Barnes & Noble, Borders, and any independent bookstore should be able to order it through their normal channels in the usual way. The added bonus is, the more people who ask for the book, the more likely the bookstores are to order extra copies to have in stock in case someone else asks, and that means more sales, which of course means more books like this--outside-the-box historicals--will build a reputation for selling and new authors will have a better chance to break into the market. So, go ask for the book because you are not just helping a new author out, but you are helping independent publishers bring other new authors to market, allowing people to enjoy a variety of choices in their reading material, and proving that America does like different if we give them a chance to find it. Phew! Off my soapbox now.

But really, isn't the book just...lur-ver-ly? SQUEEEEEEE.....!


Evie Byrne said...

Congrats, TJ! It is lur-ver-ly.


Anonymous said...

I've said it before (well, not exactly this way), but "Yippee kie yay, lil sister!" :) I so happy :).


Lynne Marshall said...

Fantastic news, TJ! That means my pre-ordered copy from Amazon should be arriving soon!

Looking forward to your upcoming visit to LARA land!

Lynne Marshall

Robena Grant said...

Wheeeee! Squeeee! And all the other good sounds. Glad everything got ironed out. There is no feeling, smell, sensation in the world like finally holding that book in your hands ... short of holding your baby right after giving birth, of course. Grin.

Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.

TJ Bennett said...

Thanks Evie, TSJ, Lynne, and Robena! I can't wait to see you all in Encino next week (ohmigosh--is it that soon already?) I love my Houston chapters, but ain't nobody like the gals of LARA! LARA ROCKS!

Joni Rodgers said...


Joy, joy, luck, and joy, girlfriend!

Joni Rodgers said...
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Robin said...

Congrats on your first book. I'm so excited for you! The cover is beautiful and I love the premise.

PBW said...

I'm not sure what's cuter, you or those copies of your new book. Waiting on my copy from Amazon.


Colleen Thompson said...

Way to go, TJ! I'm thrilled for you - and so proud of you!

Ciara Gold said...

First, big time congrats. There's nothing more joyous than holding that first book. And I loved your explanation of the "squeee" moment. Might have to steal that one. LOL.

TJ Bennett said...

Thanks Joni & Colleen! And thanks for the shout out at the Boxing the Octopus blog, too. :-)

Thanks Robin, PBW, and Ciara. I never thought this day would come, but now that it's here, I feel like dancing, dancing, DANCING!


TJ Bennett said...

Hey, I just figured out who PBW is! Nice to hear from you, girl! Long time now see. :-)


Kim Lenox said...

Congratulations TJ!! I'm thrilled for you, and looking forward to enjoying the book!

Genella deGrey said...

Congrats, TJ!
GREAT cover!! :D

TJ Bennett said...

Thanks Kim and Genella!