Friday, April 04, 2008

The Legacy is on its way!

Just a quick post to those who have expressed concerns about my release date: my publisher has notified me the book is being bound and is on its way to the distributor! Yay! We should start seeing shipments by next week. So, if'n you've pre-ordered on, it should ship soon. If you go to your local bookstore and ask for it, and they say it isn't in stock, demand that they order it pronto (because, you know, you can't wait to read it and all).

We did discover a glitch in Barnes & Nobles' website, however. The book, which was listed as of Wednesday, is nowhere to be found today. We're trying to track down the monkey who hit the wrong button on the computer rignt now, and I promise when we find him, there will be NO BANANAS for dinner tonight! Hang in there, folks. I promise this read will be worth the wait. :-)


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