Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The absolutely best article on the Romance genre in years

This is it:

As someone says in this article, "We have arrived!"

Thank you, Eloisa James!



librarypat said...

Wonderful article. I have been defending romances at the library where I work. The men who read the little paperback serial westerns are especially bad. I read one of their books for comparison. BOOK SUMMARY: Tall, dark, handsome loner rides into town. Heads to saloon, attracts the attention of all females. Within 5 minutes he is upstairs with a woman with "impressive melons". Chases bad guys who are abusing women and children. Is caught at their camp, beaten, staked out in the sun, spread eagled and tied hand and foot, half dead. He gets loose and manages to take out the dozen or so bad guys single handedly and haul them into town, the grateful women and children in tow. He rides out of town leaving Miss Melons sighing and wanting more. Not quality literature. I laughed my way through it. NO character development and not much of a believable plot/story. I'll put up some of the worst romances against those books any day.
I have been labeling some of the historic western romances as westerns and the men have checked them out. They are being very quiet about it, but they come back for more.
What I find frustrating, is so many people don't believe intelligent women write or read romances.

Babyblue22 said...

Great article!!!
I'm with LibraryPat, I'd like to think I'm a pretty intelligent women, And I absolutrly Love Reading Romances!!
I'm glad romance authors are being recognized.
I definitely love you guys!!


TJ Bennett said...

Pat, I have to laugh at your description! But yes, I'm with you and Babyblue. Most of my friends are romance authors (hazards of the trade, LOL!) and they are, without exception, the most intelligent, interesting, and savvy women I know. That's why I love reading romance (and writing it, too)!


Pat Lynch said...

Very good article. Few people know how educated most writers are.

Leanne said...

My favorite quote from this excellent article: "Like the overflowing bosoms on their paperback jackets, romance novelists have burst out — bold and unashamed...." heheh

TJ Bennett said...

Actually, Leanne, I think we're seeing more "man bosoms" than anything on covers these days, tee hee. I'm always wondering how these guys manage to forget their shirts when they go out fox-hunting, or to the ballroom, or grocery shopping or whatever. Still, whatever makes readers pick up the book, you know? ;-)


Leanne said...

And we can't forget the "treasure trail" sightings on these guys?!!